20 Years of 3D Crystal Puzzles

To celebrate the 20th year of 3D Crystal Puzzles, 3dcrystalpuzzle.com wishes to gift you a free 20th Anniversary T-shirts as a token of appreciation!

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1 of 3

  • Hong Kong/Macao/China: Receive a free t-shirt with a purchase over $400 HKD
  • Locations outside of HK/MO/CN: Receive a free t-shirt with a purchase over $500 HKD

Size measurements:



Chest (cm)

45 51 54 59 64

Height (cm)

59 62 67 71 74

First come first serve & while supplies last.

  • Pink pieces of 3D Crystal Puzzle bear scattered on a white background.

    We are committed to your puzzle experience. Receive free replacement in the rare case of a missing piece.

    Lost Piece Request 
  • 3D Crystal Puzzle Frog being built on a white background. There are two frogs. The smaller one is done and the bigger one is being built.

    Pick your favorite from 100+ puzzles with unique solutions. Instructions are included in the box & our website.

    Puzzle Instructions 
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