An Artwork &
A Good Time

3D Crystal Puzzle have changed the way people put together puzzles and how puzzles look after they are completed.

Our goal is to bring joy to everyone with our puzzles, and our wish is that everyone who comes across our puzzles will fall in love with them like we did 16 years ago.

What is 3D Crystal Puzzle?

3D Crystal Puzzle is a three-dimensional, transparent puzzle. The objective is to put all the puzzle pieces together to create your handiwork.

Since the first 3D Crystal Puzzle, we have solved the problem having to cut and trim your puzzles so people can start playing immediately.

3D Crystal Puzzle has 4 sizes: Mini, Regular, Medium, and Deluxe—each with its own charm and difficulty.

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Who Are We?

3D Crystal Puzzle is a trademarked and patented product designed by Beverly Enterprises Inc. & Jeruel Industrial Company Ltd.

We are a team of leading and progressive designers & manufacturers, dedicating to produce high quality and interesting 3D puzzles with innovation and versatile designs.

3D Crystal Puzzle is a tribute to people who are fascinated by beautiful things around them.

Find a puzzle for you today.

Product Features


The Most Beautiful Gift

3D Crystal Puzzle is a breakthrough in the world of three dimensional puzzles. After assembling the transparent jigsaw puzzles, the 3D puzzle becomes a beautiful decorative artwork to place at your home or anywhere else to your liking.


Convenient & Fun

Since the first 3D Crystal Puzzle, we have solved the problem of cutting, trimming, and gluing your puzzle. 3D Crystal Puzzle comes in pieces that are ready to be put together without any trouble. Get your fun and safe puzzle experience with any of our 3D Crystal Puzzle.


Safe. Carefree.

3D Crystal Puzzle has passed the CE and ASTM test, which confirms that our puzzles are toxin-free. Passing the CE test indicates that our products are in conformity with the health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the EEA. Passing the ASTM test ensures that our products are high quality and that all of our materials are up to industry standards. Our products are safe for everyone above the age of 14 to play.